Comité Internationale pour le Fair Play (CIFP) [Edit]

The International Fair Play Committee (French: Comité Internationale pour le Fair Play, or CIFP) was founded in 1963 to promote the principles of fair play. Each year, the CIFP awards International Fair Play Prizes after receiving nominations from various groups. The athletes may be neophytes or Olympic champions, and are chosen for their commitment to fair play. The CIFP notes that they award prizes for three achievements:

  1. for an act of fair play, which cost or could have cost the victory to a contender who sacrificed or compromised his chances of winning by complying not only with the written rules of the sport, but also with the “unwritten” ones
  2. a general attitude of sportsmanship all along a sports career, marked by an outstanding and constant spirit of fair play
  3. an activity aimed at promoting fair play: organization of national or local campaigns, lectures, books, articles, reports or comments in the media.