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Ice Stock Sport at the 1964 Winter Olympics

Dates 8 – 9 February 1964
Non-medal Events 4

Eisstockschießen, or in English, ice stock sport, is a variant of curling, often called German curling, but more properly Bavarian curling. The sport is mostly practised in southern Germany, Austria and the Südtirol. The sport is played on ice, although there is a summer variant played on paved surfaces. A German federation for the sport was first established in 1934 with German Championships first held in 1936. European Championships were first contested in 1951 at Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the World Championships in the sport began in 1983, held at Frankfurt am Main, shortly after the formation of the International Federation für Eisstockschießen (IFE).

Eisstockschießen has twice been an Olympic demonstration sport, in 1936 and 1964. In 1964, there were four events, all for men: individual target shooting, team target shooting, distance shooting, and a seniors distance shooting event. Although the sport is usually practice on natural ice, attempts to find a suitable location in or around Innsbruck were unsuccessful and the events were contested on the figure skating training area inside the speed skating oval.

Non-medal events

Event Status Date Participants NOCs
Target Shooting, Men Olympic (non-medal) 9 February 1964 16 4
Distance Shooting, Men Olympic (non-medal) 9 February 1964 13 4
Distance Shooting, Seniors, Men Olympic (non-medal) 8 February 1964 10 4
Team, Men Olympic (non-medal) 8 February 1964 64 4
93 (93/0) 4 (4/0)