Artistic Gymnastics at the 1920 Summer Olympics

The 1920 gymnastics events consisted of an individual all-around competition and three team events. The three team events were chosen to reflect the varying schools of gymnastics practised on the European continent in this era. The three team events consisted of only a few nations entering, but with many competitors allowed per team. Other than the description of the scoring methods, details of the competition have not survived. Scoring, as always in gymnastics, was controversial, notably in both team events, as described below.

Gymnastics in Belgium at this time was governed by the three competing schools – the Belgian Gymnastics Federation (founded in 1865), the Catholic Gymnastics Federation (founded in 1892), and the Socialist Gymnastics Federation (founded in 1904). In addition to the competitions, on Sunday, 22 August, the three Belgian gymnastics federations gave a collective demonstration in the Olympic Stadium.


Event Status Date Participants NOCs
Individual All-Around, Men Olympic 26 August 1920 25 7
Team All-Around, European System, Men Olympic 23 – 24 August 1920 120 5
Team All-Around, Free System, Men Olympic 27 August 1920 46 2
Team All-Around, Swedish System, Men Olympic 26 August 1920 73 3
250 (250/0) 11 (11/0)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Individual All-Around, Men Giorgio ZamporiITA Marco TorrèsFRA Jean GounotFRA
Team All-Around, Men ItalyITA BelgiumBEL FranceFRA
Team All-Around, Free System, Men DenmarkDEN NorwayNOR
Team All-Around, Swedish System, Men SwedenSWE DenmarkDEN BelgiumBEL

Medal table

NOC Gold Silver Bronze Total
Italy ITA 2 0 0 2
Denmark DEN 1 1 0 2
Sweden SWE 1 0 0 1
France FRA 0 1 2 3
Belgium BEL 0 1 1 2
Norway NOR 0 1 0 1