Skiclub Flumserberg, Flums (SUI)

Affiliation ID 11939
Full name Skiclub Flumserberg
Short name Skiclub Flumserberg
Place Flums (SUI)
Sports ASK/SNB

Founded as merger of the three ski clubs Spitzmeilen, Weissenberg, and Flumserberg in 1962. Also known as Skiclub Flums.

Athletes (7)

Edy Bruggmann SUI ASK 1964—1972
Ernst Good SUI ASK 1976
Marvin James SUI SNB 2014
Kalle Koblet SUI SNB 2018
Jérôme Lymann SUI SNB 2018
Marie-Theres Nadig SUI ASK 1972—1980
Julie Zogg SUI SNB 2014—2018