Skiclub Flumserberg, Flums (SUI)

Affiliation ID 11939
Full name Skiclub Flumserberg
Short name Skiclub Flumserberg
Place Flums (SUI)
Sports ALP/SBD

Founded as merger of the three ski clubs Spitzmeilen, Weissenberg, and Flumserberg in 1962. Also known as Skiclub Flums.

Athletes (7)

Edy Bruggmann SUI ALP Olympics/Other 1964—1972
Ernst Good SUI ALP Olympics 1976
Marvin James SUI SBD Olympics 2014
Kalle Koblet SUI SBD Olympics 2018—2022
Jérôme Lymann SUI SBD Olympics 2018
Marie-Theres Nadig SUI ALP Olympics/Other 1972—1980
Julie Zogg SUI SBD Olympics 2014—2022