IF Frisk Asker, Asker (NOR)

Affiliation ID 1247
Full name Idrettsforeningen Frisk Asker
Short name IF Frisk Asker
Place Asker (NOR)
Sports ICH/NCO

Founded 1911 as IF Frisk. Later known as IF Frisk Asker. The ice hockey section was known as Asker Hockey and later as Frisk Tigers.

Athletes (16)

Knut Andresen NOR ICH 1980
Anders Bastiansen NOR ICH 2010—2018
Øivind Berg NOR ICH 1972
Knut Fjeldsgaard NOR ICH 1980
Gunder Gundersen NOR NCO 1960
Birger Jansen NOR ICH 1972
Erik Beier Jensen NOR ICH 2016
Morten Johansen NOR ICH 1980
Vidar Johansen NOR ICH 1980
Truls Kristiansen NOR ICH 1988
Vern Mott NOR ICH 1988
Nils Nilsen NOR ICH 1972—1980
Henrik Ødegaard NOR ICH 2014—2018
Morten Sethereng NOR ICH 1972—1980
Marius Voigt NOR ICH 1988
Thore Wålberg NOR ICH 1972—1980