OSC Dortmund, Dortmund (GER)

Affiliation ID 6065
Full name Olympischer Sport-Club Dortmund 1931
Short name OSC Dortmund
Place Dortmund (GER)
Sports ATH/HBL

Founded as merger of OSV Hörde and LC Dortmund in 1970. In some years also known as OSC Thier Dortmund (the sponsors name - a brewery). The athletics (track and field) section merged with LAV Dortmund to become LG Olympia Dortmund in 1988.

Athletes (4)

Inge Helten FRG ATH Olympics 1976
Silvia Hollmann FRG ATH Olympics 1976
Péter Kovács HUN HBL Olympics 1976—1988
Annegret Richter FRG ATH Olympics/Other 1972—1976