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Central America is a region and, as such, has never had full recognition by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), nor has it ever competed at the Olympic Games as a region. However, in the 19th century the region twice federated, forming the Federal Republic of Central America (1836-41), consisting of Los Altos (now Chiapas, Mexico), Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. From 1896-98, it formed the Greater Republic of Central America, consisting of Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador.

From 1918-1940, Pedro Jaime de Matheu was an IOC member to the Central American region, one of only two times that an IOC Member did not serve to a single nation (the other being George Wilhelm, Prince von Hanover, who represented the International Olympic Academy on the IOC from 1966-71). De Matheu was from El Salvador, which had become independent in 1839.

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Pedro Jaime de Matheu 1918—1940