Equestrian Dressage at the 1964 Summer Olympics

Dates 22 – 23 October 1964
Medal Events 2

Dressage at the 1964 Olympics was held at the Equestrian Park in Setagaya, a section of Tokyo. Because of the distance to Tokyo, horses were mostly flown to the 1964 Olympics for the first time. This caused some problems in this era as three horses had to be destroyed in transport to or from the Olympics.

There were individual and team dressage events, both contested concurrently. In 1960 at Roma, team dressage was not contested, but it returned in 1964 and has been on the program since. Henri Chammartin of Switzerland won the individual dressage, while the team dressage went to Germany. This was only the second time at the Olympics that the individual gold medalist did not come from the winning team, after 1948.


Event Status Date Participants NOCs
Individual, Open Olympic 22 – 23 October 1964 22 9
Team, Open Olympic 22 – 23 October 1964 18 6
22 (14/8) 9 (6/5)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Individual, Open Henri ChammartinSUI Harry BoldtGER Sergey FilatovURS
Team, Open Unified Team of GermanyGER SwitzerlandSUI Soviet UnionURS

Medal table

NOC Gold Silver Bronze Total
Germany GER 1 1 0 2
Switzerland SUI 1 1 0 2
Soviet Union URS 0 0 2 2