Bobsleigh at the 1928 Winter Olympics

Dates 18 – 18 February 1928
Medal Events 1

Bobsleigh’s birthplace is Sankt Moritz, the sport taking form in the 1880s. The world’s first purpose-built bobsleigh track was also laid out near St. Moritz, at Celerina, following a fundraiser in 1903. The track, inaugurated on 1 January 1904, was used for the 1928 Olympics as well. It is still among the world’s most famous tracks, including the notorious Horseshoe curve. As in 1924, there was only one bobsleigh event, and the rules allowed for either four or five persons manning the sleds. Unlike in Chamonix, all crews used five sledders. Another difference was the sleighing style: in 1924, the crewmen were merely sitting in the sleigh, but St. Moritz was more suited to lying down. This style was not known to many of the competitors, and adopting it proved difficult.


Event Status Date Participants NOCs
Four/Five, Men Olympic 18 February 1928 116 14
116 (116/0) 14 (14/0)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Four/Five, Men United States 2USA United States 1USA Germany 2GER

Medal table

NOC Gold Silver Bronze Total
United States USA 1 1 0 2
Germany GER 0 0 1 1