Not held in other Games

Glíma at the 1908 Summer Olympics

On the last day of the stadium competitions, on Saturday, 25 July at 1500 (3 PM), exhibitions of both Glíma (Icelandic) and Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling were given on the stadium infield. The Cumberland and Westmoreland events took place on the North Platform of the infield, while the Glíma events were held on the South Platform.

Glíma is an ancient form of wrestlng that has survived since the Vikings, but is practiced almost exclusively in Iceland, where it has been popular for over 1,000 years. Glíma is derived from the two Icelandic words, glitra and glampa, which mean “something that flashes or sparkles.”

Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling are mostly practised in Cumbria, in northwest England. They bear a resemblance to Scottish Backhold wrestling, with both of them classified in the North Country style.

Non-medal events

Event Status Date Participants NOCs
Glíma, Men Olympic (non-medal) 25 July 1908 5 1
5 (5/0) 1 (1/0)