Pan American Sports Organization

NamePan American Sports Organization


The Pan American Sports Organization is a confederation of National Olympic Committees (NOCs) in the Americas. It was founded on 8 August 1948 and, in 1955, the current structure was put in place, and the current name of the group was adopted. The official languages of the group are English and Spanish and its name is listed as both the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) and the Organización Deportiva Panamericana (ODEPA). The group’s goals, as listed in its charter, are “To strengthen and tighten the bonds of friendship and solidarity among the peoples of America; to further the development and growth of the Olympic Ideal; to cooperate with the NOCs of the Americas; to ensure the periodic celebration of the Pan American Games; and to coordinate the Olympic and Pan American Solidarity Programs.” The organization is headquartered in Mexico City and the current president, as of 2017, is Neven Ilic Álvarez, the former president of the National Olympic Committee of Chile. As of 2017 there are 41 member nations.


Tenure Name Country Notes
1948—1951 Avery Brundage USA
1951—1955 José Clark MEX
1955—1959 Doug Roby USA
1959—1971 José Clark MEX
1971—1971 Sylvio Padilha BRA as acting president
1971—1975 José Beracasa VEN
1975—2015 Mario Vázquez Raña MEX
2015—2015 Ivar Sisniega MEX as acting president
2015—2017 Julio César Maglione URU
2017— Neven Ilic Álvarez CHI