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25 kilometres, Men

Date15 September 1900
LocationVélodrome Municipal de Vincennes, Paris
Participants10 from 4 countries

Louis Bastien had won the world championship earlier in the year in the motor-paced 100 km. event on the track at Parc de Prince in Paris. He was the heavy favorite and he took the lead immediately as the race started. John Lake and Lloyd Hildebrand were felt to be his biggest challengers and they led the pursuit. Lake eventually dropped out and Bastien won easily. Bastien’s splits were as follows: 10 km. – 10:04.6; 20 km. – 20:28.0. The top four finishers received art objects valued at, respectively, 400, 300, 200, and 100 French francs.

1Louis BastienFRA25:36.2Gold
2Lloyd HildebrandGBR28:09.4Silver
3Auguste DaumainFRA29:36.2Bronze
4Maxime BertrandFRAat 3 laps
ACLéon GingembreFRADNF
ACLouis TrousselierFRADNF
ACA. PorcherFRA
ACPaul GottronGER
ACJ. BérardFRA