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Coxed Pairs, Men

Date25 – 26 August 1900
LocationSeine, Pont de Courbevoie – Pont d'Asnières, Paris
Participants16 from 3 countries

The final of this race was the top race of the Olympic rowing competition. Castillon and Minerva pulled away to an early lead. Marne lagged behind early but at the halfway mark, began to close on the Dutch team. Castillon could not keep up its early pace. Although Marne continued to close to the finish, they lost by less than one metre to the Netherlands’ pair.

In this race, the youngest Olympic competitor ever took part. In the heats, the Dutch pair of François Antoine Brandt and Roelof Klein qualified easily, coxed by Hermanus Gerardus Brockmann, but they did not win their heat, losing to Marne. But Brandt and Klein decided that Brockmann was too heavy, weighing 60 kg. (132 lbs.), and they did not wish to pull him along in the boat. The Dutchmen enlisted the services of a young French boy, whose name, despite significant efforts to locate it, has not survived. Pictures of the boy exist, however, and he is usually considered to be between 7 and 10 years of age, and weighing about 33 kg. (73 lbs.), although Dutch expert Tony Bijkerk thinks he is more likely nearer 12 years of age. With the much lighter load, Brandt and Klein won the championship.

1Minerva AmsterdamNED6:56.0 (2 h1)7:34.2 (1)Gold1
François BrandtRoelof KleinHermanus Brockmann
2Lucien Martinet / René WaleffFRA6:47.4 (1 h1)7:34.4 (2)Silver2
3Rowing Club CastillonFRA6:33.4 (1 h2)7:57.2 (3)Bronze
Carlos DeltourAntoine Védrenne Paoli
4 Mathieu / Pierre FerlinFRA7:00.0 (2 h2)8:01.0 (4)3
3 h2 r1/2Prosper Bruggeman / Maurice HemelsoetBEL7:00.4 (3 h2)4
4 h2 r1/2Henri Delabarre / Robert GeléeFRA7:04.0 (4 h2)5
AC h1 r1/2Gordon Love / Louis RocheFRA– (DNF h1)DNF6

Round One (25 August 1900)

First two teams in each heat advance to the finals.

Heat One (14:45)

1Lucien Martinet / René WaleffFRA6:47.4Q7
2Minerva AmsterdamNED6:56.0Q
François BrandtRoelof KleinHermanus Brockmann
DNFGordon Love / Louis RocheFRA8

Heat Two (15:00)

1Rowing Club CastillonFRA6:33.4Q
Carlos DeltourAntoine Védrenne Paoli
2 Mathieu / Pierre FerlinFRA7:00.0Q9
3Prosper Bruggeman / Maurice HemelsoetBEL7:00.410
4Henri Delabarre / Robert GeléeFRA7:04.011

Final Round (26 August 1900 — 15:30)

1François Brandt / Roelof KleinNED7:34.212
2Lucien Martinet / René WaleffFRA7:34.413
3Rowing Club CastillonFRA7:57.214
Carlos DeltourAntoine Védrenne Paoli
4 Mathieu / Pierre FerlinFRA8:01.015