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Double Sculls, Men

Date27 – 29 August 1920
LocationWillebroekse Vaart, Vilvoorde
Participants10 from 5 countries

In the double sculls, John Kelly and his cousin, Paul Costello, won easily in both the semi-finals and finals. Kelly and Costello returned in 1924 to defend their gold medal. Kelly then retired. But Costello won a third consecutive gold medal in the event at Amsterdam in 1928, partnered by Charles McIlvaine.

1Jack Kelly, Sr. / Paul CostelloUSA7:16.8 (1 h3)7:09.0 (1)Gold
2Erminio Dones / Pietro AnnoniITA7:25.4 (1 h1)7:19.0 (2)Silver
3Alfred Plé / Gaston GiranFRA7:26.0 (1 h2)7:21.0 (3)Bronze
2 h1 r1/2Émile Sadzawska / Georges LéonetBEL7:34.8 (2 h1)
2 h2 r1/2Bastiaan Veth / Koos de HaasNED7:24.8 (2 h3)
DNSSwitzerlandSUI– (DNS h2)1
DNSBrazilBRA– (DNS h3)2

Round One (27 August 1920)

Winner of each heat advanced to final.

Heat One (15:30)

1Erminio Dones / Pietro AnnoniITA7:25.4Q OB
2Émile Sadzawska / Georges LéonetBEL7:34.8

Heat Two (15:40)

1Alfred Plé / Gaston GiranFRA7:26.0Q walkover

Heat Three (16:05)

1Jack Kelly, Sr. / Paul CostelloUSA7:16.8Q OB
2Bastiaan Veth / Koos de HaasNED7:24.8

Final Round (29 August 1920 — 16:30)

1Jack Kelly, Sr. / Paul CostelloUSA7:09.0OB
2Erminio Dones / Pietro AnnoniITA7:19.0
3Alfred Plé / Gaston GiranFRA7:21.0