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Singles, Men

Date3 – 8 August 1904
LocationFrancis Field, Washington University, St. Louis
Participants4 from 1 countries
FormatDouble round-robin

Roque is a variant of the sport croquet, and the name is derived by dropping the initial “c” and the trailing “t” from the name of the sport, croquet. It was contested at the 1904 Olympics as part of the program at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. However, no foreign athlete competed or entered. In addition, the championship doubled as the United States National Championship. The events were organized by the leading exponent of roque in this country, Charles Jacobus of Springfield, Massachusetts. Jacobus was the author of the Spaulding Official Roque Guide and was the president of the national association in 1904. He had been national champion in 1885.

Four athletes competed in the 1904 “Olympic” roque. Jacobus won the competition which was contested as a double round robin with each athlete playing a match against the other athlete twice.

1Charles JacobusUSA51Gold
2Smith StreeterUSA42Silver
3Charles BrownUSA24Bronze
4William ChalfantUSA15

Round Robin (3 – 8 August 1904)

Match #1 Smith StreeterUSA 32 – 7William ChalfantUSA
Match #2 Charles JacobusUSA 32 – 23William ChalfantUSA
Match #3 Charles JacobusUSA 32 – 9William ChalfantUSA
Match #4 Charles JacobusUSA 32 – 18Smith StreeterUSA
Match #5 Smith StreeterUSA 32 – 18Charles BrownUSA
Match #6 Charles JacobusUSA 32 – 14Charles BrownUSA
Match #7 Smith StreeterUSA 32 – 27Charles JacobusUSA
Match #8 Charles BrownUSA 32 – 9William ChalfantUSA
Match #9 Charles JacobusUSA 32 – 13Charles BrownUSA
Match #10 Smith StreeterUSA 32 – 26William ChalfantUSA
Match #11 Charles BrownUSA 32 – 10Smith StreeterUSA
Match #12 1William ChalfantUSA Charles BrownUSA