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Au Cordon Doré, 50 metres, Men

Date27 May – 14 August 1900
LocationVélodrome Municipal de Vincennes, Paris
Participants8 from 2 countries

The individual championships au cordon doré were contested among the top eight archers in the team event. This is the only individual au berceau archery event in 1900 for which all the competitors are known. The title went to France’s Henri Hérouin with Belgian Hubert Van Innis second. Hérouin and Van Innis were the top archers in 1900, with Van Innis winning four medals. They advanced to the Championnat de Monde, where Hérouin again defeated Van Innis.

1Henri HérouinFRA31Gold
2Hubert Van InnisBEL29Silver
3Émile FisseuxFRA28Bronze
4Henri HelleFRA27
5Édouard BeaudoinFRA26
6 DenetFRA26
7 GalinardFRA26
8 LecomteFRA25