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Au Cordon Doré, 33 metres, Men

Date27 May – 14 August 1900
LocationVélodrome Municipal de Vincennes, Paris
Participants3 from 2 countries

The individual championships au cordon doré were contested among the top eight archers in the team event, but only three competitors are known. The top three finishers in this event were the same as in the au chapelet event at 33 metres, with Hubert Van Innis placing first, Victor Thibault second, and Frédéric Petit third. Van Innis won four archery medals in 1900, adding six more in 1920, for a total of 10, the all-time Olympic best in archery. His six archery gold medals is also an Olympic best.

1Hubert Van InnisBELGold
2Victor ThibaultFRASilver
3Frédèric PetitFRABronze