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440 yards Breaststroke, Men

Date 7 September 1904
LocationLife Saving Exhibition Lake, Forest Park, St. Louis
Participants4 from 2 countries
FormatFinal only.

Originally only three Germans were going to compete in the 440-yard breaststroke, as it was an event rarely contested in the United States at that time. Jam Handy entered at the last second because he saw a chance for himself to win a medal at the Olympics. He narrowly defeated Georg Hoffmann and won a bronze medal. Germany’s Georg Zacharias easily defeated his countryman, Walter Brack by about five metres to win the gold medal.

Jam Handy’s medal would later earn him some fame as, born in 1886, he lived until 1983, and was the last surviving medalist of the 1904 Olympic Games.

1Georg ZachariasGER7:23.6Gold
2Walter BrackGERat 5 metresSilver
3Jam HandyUSABronze
4Georg HoffmannGER
DNSGeorge HackettUSA