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Cesta Punta, Triples, Men

Date24 July 1924
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationFronton de Paris, Billancourt
Participants6 from 2 countries

In the cesta punta event of pelota basque, the ball is played with a curved basket (cistera). Outside of Europe, this variant is usually referred to as jai-alai. As all Paris events, this match was played on a court (frontón) with only a back wall (frontis). The cesta punta match was between three-player teams.

As most of the matches in Paris, a Spanish team played a French team. The Spanish narrowly beat the French, 60-52. Spanish player José Andrés Garate later became a professional and achieved a modest level of fame in the pelota world, where he’s known by the name )Garate II).

Aquilino SagarnaBenedicto SantamaríaJosé Andrés Gárate
CaminoAlbert HarispeMajescas