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Giant Slalom, LW5/7, Men

Date11 February 1984
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
Participants5 from 4 countries

The LW5/7 event (LW stands for Locomotor Winter) is for competitors with a disability in both arms, which may be the result of an amputation, paralysis or dysmelia. Its competitors are not allowed to use ski poles, as they would be classified in LW6 if they were able to use poles.

Only five competitors were entered in this event. The winner, Lars Lundström of Sweden, would go on two win two medals in the 1984 Winter Paralympics (gold and silver), although he would be disqualified in the giant slalom. He would add three more medals (one of each color) to his tally at the 1988 Winter Paralympics.

1Lars LundströmSWE1:05.09
2Felix AbeleFRG1:05.91
3Cato Zahl PedersenNOR1:06.21
4Niko MollFRG1:06.44
5Felix GislerSUI1:08.38