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0-½ Ton, Race One, Open

Date22 May 1900 — 13:20
LocationCercle de la Voile de Paris, Meulan
Participants11 from 1 countries
Format8 km.

After a break of one day after the opening Concours d’Honneur, the Olympic regatta continued with the first races for the less than ½ ton, 1-2 tons and 2-3 tons classes. As was the case with the Concours d’Honneur, the competing yachts in these three events engaged in what was effectively a mass-start with only a brief interval of less than a minute between the scheduled starting time for each yacht.

The 0-½ ton class was an all-French event over two rounds on the short course, together approximately 8 km. A maximum of three crew members were allowed. Race One was a fairly close one with the yacht “Baby” of Pierre Gervais beating Texier’s “Quand-Même” by less than 3 min. The next finisher, “Sarcelle” with Henri Monnot, trailed the top yachts by more than 11 minutes.

Pierre Gervais
Texier I Texier IIRobert LinzelerJean-Baptiste Charcot
Henri MonnotLéon TellierGaston Cailleux
Maurice Monnot
Georges Sémichon
Émile Sacré