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2-3 Ton Race One, Open

Date22 May 1900
LocationCercle de la Voile de Paris, Meulan
Participants11 from 1 countries
Format19 km.

After a break of one day after the opening Concours d’Honneur, the Olympic regatta continued with the first races for the less than ½ ton, 1-2 tons and 2-3 tons classes. As was the case with the Concours d’Honneur, the competing yachts in these three events engaged in what was effectively a mass-start with only a brief interval between the starting time for each yacht.

William Exshaw’s yacht )Olle) was the winner of both races in the 2-3 ton class over 19 km (one long and two short rounds). In Race One, )Olle) actually finished second to the French entry )Favorite), but was the clear winner on adjusted time. Helmsman Exshaw lived in France and had two French crew members making it a multi-national team. Second was the French )Favorite), as only four yachts started in this class.

William ExshawFrédéric BlanchyJacques le Lavasseur
Léon SusseJacques DoucetHenri MialaretAuguste Godinet
Ferdinand SchlatterÉmile Jean-Fontainede Cottignon
Auguste Donny