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High Jump, Handicap, Men

Date19 July 1900
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationCroix Catelan, Bois de Boulogne, Paris
Participants5 from 4 countries

Only five athletes started and none of them were well-known high jumpers. Sweden’s Tore Blom won with 2.05 metres after a handicap of 0.35 metres. The Field noted, “Blom’s name was not on the card, and he was allowed to compete in contravention of the arrangements.”

1Tore BlomSWE2.050.35 m
2Gyula StrauszHUN2.000.35 m
3Waldemar SteffenGER1.950.30 m
ACLajos GönczyHUN1.950.25 m
ACWilliam RemingtonUSA1.950.20 m