Western Ontario Mustangs, London (CAN)

Affiliation ID 6503
Full name The University of Western Ontario
Short name Western Ontario Mustangs
Place London (CAN)

Also known as Western University.

Athletes (18)

Mike Barry CAN WRE Olympics 1976
Egon Beiler CAN WRE Olympics 1972—1976
Sue Bradley-Kameli CAN ATH Olympics 1976—1984
Sofyan El-Gadi LBA SWM Olympics/YOG/Other 2008—2012
Harry Geris CAN WRE Olympics 1968—1976
Ted Haggis CAN ATH Olympics 1948
Bill Kennedy CAN SWM Olympics 1972
Clive Llewellyn CAN WRE Olympics 1976
Johnny Loaring CAN ATH Olympics 1936
Bob McFarlane CAN ATH Olympics/Other 1948
Don McFarlane CAN ATH Olympics 1948
Jill Moffatt CAN ROW Olympics 2020
Bill Pataky CAN BKB Olympics 1952
Glen Pettinger CAN BKB Olympics 1952
Bob Robinson CAN WRE Olympics 1984
Lisa Roman CAN ROW Olympics 2016—2020
Brian Saunderson CAN ROW Olympics 1988—1992
Ray Takahashi CAN WRE Olympics 1976—1984