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Francis Henríquez de Zubiria

Biographical information

Medals OG
Gold 0
Silver 1
Bronze 0
Total 1
TypeCompeted in Olympic Games
Full nameFrancis•Henríquez de Zubiria
Used nameFrancis•Henríquez de Zubiria
Born10 December 1869 in Paris, Paris (FRA)
Died2 September 1933 in ? (FRA)
AffiliationsRacing CF, Paris (FRA)
NOC(s) Colombia


Francis Henriquez de Zubiría competed in tug-of-war with the USFSA team that finished second at the 1900 Paris Olympics. For many years the same Henriquez de Zuberia (as it was then spelled) was considered to have competed in both rugby football and tug-of-war. From a photograph of the rugby team, he was considered to have been the first black Olympian and research traced him to Haiti as Constantin Henriquez. However, photographs of the tug-of-war team exist and no dark-skinned athlete is present. With research by the OlyMADMen, aided by the Spanish Olympic historian Fernando Arrechea, it is now felt that Constantin Henriquez, the Haitian, competed only in rugby football, and the tug-of-war competitor was a Colombian named Francis (or Francisco) Henriquez de Zubiría.

Francis Henríquez de Zubiría was born in Paris to Ricardo Carlos Henríquez and Maria Ana Antonia Clemencia de Zubiría y Osse, but was a Colombian citizen until he was naturalized as a Frenchman in 1917. Henríquez de Zubiría studied medicine and worked at the Colombian embassy in Paris, also serving as a French doctor during World War I. He competed in many sports, including boxing, fencing, cycling, and shooting. In 1898, he married Maria del Carmen Florentina González (1871-1932), the adopted daughter of the millionaire Lino Martinez.


Games Discipline (Sport) Event Status Team Pos Details
1900 Summer Olympics Tug-Of-War Tug-Of-War, Men Olympic Racing Club de France 2 Silver Representing Colombia    


Originally thought to have been the same person as the French-Haitian rugby player Constantin Henriquez.