Matts Carlgren

Biographical information

Full nameMatts Wilhelm•Carlgren
Used nameMatts•Carlgren
Born24 September 1917 in Stockholm, Stockholm (SWE)
Died24 September 1999 in Djursholm, Danderyd, Stockholm (SWE)
NOC Sweden


Matts Carlgren was a top sprinter and long jumper in Sweden as a youth. He later became a top cross-country skiier, finishing the Vasaloppet 17 times. He graduated from Uppsala University with a degree in economics and then became Chairman of the Board of MO Och Domsjö AB, a major forestry company in Sweden. He also served on the boards of several other Swedish companies and owned a large auction house. In sports Carlgren was President of the Swedish Sports Federation from 1965-75, and of the Swedish Athletics Federation from 1965-73. He was also Chairman of the Board of Organization for Encouragement of Swedish Sports.

Carlgren was co-opted onto the IOC in July 1976 and served until his resignation in December 1992, after which he was made an Honorary Member. During his tenure he served as a member of the following commissions: Cultural (1981-84), Commission for the Olympic Programme (1983-92), and Finance Commission (1989-92).

Organization roles

Role Organization Tenure NOC As
Member International Olympic Committee 1976—1993 SWE Matts Carlgren
Honorary International Olympic Committee 1993—1999 SWE Matts Carlgren

Special Notes