Official Reports [Edit]

At the end of every Olympic Games and Olympic Winter Games, the Organizing Committee of the Games is required to compile a comprehensive report of the organization, planning, finances, and results of the Olympic Games. The Olympic Charter now requires that the Official Report be published in at least French and English. It is now common that the Report is published in French and English, and the language of the host nation, and often in Spanish and German as well. Some of the reports are compiled as one book, with parallel texts in differing languages, but the more recent ones, which are larger, tend to be published as separate editions by language. There have only been a few instances in which an Official Report was not issued. In 1900, the report consisted of the report of the Physical Culture section of the Exposition Universalle. In 1904, there were two reports, neither of which would be considered comprehensive by today’s standards. For the 1924 Winter Games, only declared Olympic retroactively, no separate report was issued, but the report of the 1924 Paris Olympic Games included details of the Chamonix events. There were reports issued by the scheduled host cities for the 1916 Olympic Games, and the 1940 Olympic Games and Olympic Winter Games. No reports were ever issued for the scheduled 1944 Olympics.