Olympiad [Edit]

An Olympiad is a measure of time, designating a period of four consecutive years. Until the 1 September 2004 edition of the Olympic Charter, the definition of an Olympiad was that it began with the opening of one edition of the Games of the Olympiad and ends with the opening of the following edition. However, in 2004 the Olympic Charter was revised, and an Olympiad was then defined as a period of four consecutive calendar years, beginning on the first of January of the first year and ending on the 31st of December of the fourth year. Unfortunately, the current rule, still in effect as of 2015, does not actually define the “first year of … ,” nor the fourth year of … ,” but based on a later rule an Olympiad now appears to begin on 1 January of the year in which the Games of the Olympiad are held. The term is based on the Greeks, who used the term Olympiad to measure the time between Olympic Games. Olympiad may be the term associated with the Olympics which is most often misused by the public, the media, and broadcasters. Specifically, the Olympic Games are not an “Olympiad.” They are correctly termed the “Games of the Olympiad.”