International Society of Olympic Historians (ISOH) [Edit]

The International Society of Olympic Historians was founded in 1991 to promote and study the history of the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Games. The immediate worldwide response from Olympic historians provided a clear indication of the need for such an organization, with over 350 members from 50 nations at the end of 2004. A journal of the group, Journal of Olympic History, is published three times per year, and the web site is accessible via The first president was Ian Buchanan (GBR), who served two terms (1991-2000). Buchanan was followed as president by Bill Mallon (USA), who served through 2004. The more recent ISOH Presidents have been Karl Lennartz (GER) (2004-12), and David Wallechinsky (USA) (2012-16). In November 2004, the IOC Executive Board gave official recognition to ISOH.