International Federations (IFs) [Edit]

International Federations are non-governmental organizations that administer sports on an international level. The IFs’ role is to establish and enforce the rules governing the practice of their sport, promote development of their sport internationally, and assume responsibility for the technical control of their sport at the Olympic Games. Currently, the Olympic Program is reviewed after each Olympiad, and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) makes the decision about which sports will be or will not be on the program. There are two categories of International Federations affiliated with the IOC. One is the International Olympic Federations, which govern sports currently on the Olympic Program. There are 35 such IFs. A second category relates to IOC-Recognized International Federations, of which there are currently 36, as of 2015. These federations are not yet on the Olympic Program, but IOC-Recognition is a necessary first step to that end.