Honorary IOC Members [Edit]

The matter of honorary International Olympic Committee (IOC) membership was first raised in 1948. Following a proposal by Lord Arthur Porritt (NZL), it was agreed that those IOC members who has passed the age limit of 70 would be eligible to become honorary members and would be entitled to attend future IOC Sessions. They would be permitted to take part in the discussions but would not be accorded a vote. The first honorary member to be appointed was the 86-year-old Ricardo Aldao (ARG). The age at which IOC Members may advance to honorary membership has varied. Currently, an IOC member may become an honorary member at the age of 70, if they have served on the IOC for 10 years, and are nominated by the Executive Board. They may attend the Olympic Games, Olympic Congresses, and IOC Sessions, but they no longer retain voting rights.