IOC Session [Edit]

The main decision-making body of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is the annual IOC Session. Currently, these are held once a year although special Sessions may be called by the IOC president. Every other year, one Session is held immediately before either the Olympic Games or the Olympic Winter Games, at the site of those Games. Formerly, when the Olympic Games and Olympic Winter Games were held in the same year, two Sessions were held in the Olympic year, one at the site of the Olympic Games and one at the site of the Olympic Winter Games, and immediately preceding those events. The Session is a plenary meeting of the IOC and is considered its main rules making body. In reality, the Session is usually presented with a list of decisions made by the Executive Board and these are almost universally approved; thus the Executive Board really has the authoritative power. The Session also votes on the approval of prospective IOC Members, but the choices of the IOC President are usually approved without dissension. The Session also has the power to modify the Olympic Charter.