Juridical Commisson [Edit]

Originally called the Legal Commission, the Juridical Commission was formed in 1974 with Marc Hodler as the original chairman. The current chairman is the German Thomas Bach. There are five other members of the Commission, all International Olympic Committee (IOC) Members, and all either lawyers in their day job, or who are legally trained. Its charge by the IOC is listed as follows:

  1. providing legal opinions to the IOC president, the IOC Executive Board and the IOC session, upon their request, on issues relating to the exercise of their respective competences;
  2. providing preliminary opinions concerning draft amendments to the Olympic Charter;
  3. considering actions or defenses concerning the IOC;
  4. carrying out studies of a legal nature on issues which may affect the interests of the IOC; and
  5. performing any other tasks of a legal nature entrusted to it by the IOC president, the IOC Executive Board or the IOC session.