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Dogsled Racing at the 1932 Winter Olympics

Dates 6 – 7 February 1932
Non-medal Events 1

The 1932 Lake Placid Winter Olympics is the only time dogsled racing has been on the Olympic Program. It was a demonstration event conducted under the rules of the New England Sled Dog Club, and consisted of two races on successive days over a 25.1 mile (40.5 km) course, with the total time determining the winner. There were only teams from Canada and the United States, with five from Canada and seven from the United States. The event was mixed, with one female participant, Eva “Short” Seeley, who was instrumental in having Alaskan Malamutes officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1935.

Non-medal events

Event Status Date Participants NOCs
Dog Sled Racing, Open Olympic (non-medal) 6 – 7 February 1932 12 2
13 (12/1) 2 (2/1)