Ski Jumping at the 1932 Winter Olympics

Dates 12 – 12 February 1932
Medal Events 1

The ski jumping competition was held on Intervales Ski-hill in Lake Placid which had been built in 1920 then expanded in 1927, increasing it to a 60-metre jump by installing a new steel tower, It had a K-Point of 61 m. 10,000 spectators watched an event that was only held due to the efforts of the organizing committee in moving large amounts of snow into the location.


Event Status Date Participants NOCs
Large Hill, Individual, Men Olympic 12 February 1932 34 10
34 (34/0) 10 (10/0)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Large Hill, Individual, Men Birger RuudNOR Hans BeckNOR Kåre WalbergNOR

Medal table

NOC Gold Silver Bronze Total
Norway NOR 1 1 1 3