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Running Target, Double Shot, Men

Date27 July 1920 — 9:30
LocationHoogboom Country Club, Kapellen
Participants8 from 3 countries
Format100 metres. 10 runs of the deer. The deer was in sight for 23 metres, covering the distance in four seconds. Individual possible 100. Two shots per each run of the deer.

Ole Lilloe-Olsen won six medals in running deer shooting at the 1920 and 1924 Olympic Games, three at each Olympics. He won three gold medals in 1920 and in Paris added two golds and one silver.

1Ole Lilloe-OlsenNOR82GoldOR
2Fredric LandeliusSWE77Silver
3Einar LibergNOR71Bronze
ACLarry NuessleinUSA64
ACTom BrownUSA63
ACLloyd SpoonerUSA62
ACJoe JacksonUSA61
ACWillis LeeUSA53