AIS, Canberra (AUS)

Affiliation ID 10751
Full name Australian Institute of Sport
Short name AIS
Place Canberra (AUS)

Founded 1981. Headquartier located in Canberra. Diving is located in Brisbane and beach volleyball in Adelaide. Winter sports (in partnership with Olympic Winter Institute of Australia) in located in Melbourne.

Athletes (41)

Liz Brett AUS VVO Olympics 2000
Brett Cash AUS WRE Olympics 2000
Angela Clarke AUS VVO Olympics 2000
Melinda Cleland AUS GAR Olympics 2000
Ramone Cooper AUS FRS Olympics 2010
Brennon Dowrick AUS GAR Olympics 1992—1996
Lexie Feeney AUS ARC Olympics 2008
Jaime Fernandez AUS ROW Olympics 1992—2000
Jarrod Fletcher AUS BOX Olympics 2008
Andrew Grant AUS VVO Olympics 2012
Cameron Hammond AUS BOX Olympics 2012
Brett Hayman AUS ROW Olympics 1996—2000
Melissa Hoar AUS SKN Olympics 2010
Belinda Hocking AUS SWM Olympics 2008—2016
Nathan Jakavicius AUS VVO Olympics 2000
Josh Jefferis AUS GAR Olympics 2012
Patrick Johnson AUS ATH Olympics 2000—2004
Todd Kidd AUS BOX Olympics 2008
Sky Kim AUS ARC Olympics 2008
Emma Lincoln-Smith AUS SKN Olympics 2010
Alex McEwan AUS STK Olympics 2002—2006
Mark McNee AUS STK Olympics 2002—2006
Christie Mokotupu AUS VVO Olympics 2000
Travis Moran AUS VVO Olympics 2004
Anoushirvan Nourian AUS
BOX Olympics/Non-starter 1992—2004
Rod Owen-Jones AUS WPO Olympics 2000
Becchara Palmer AUS VBV Olympics 2012
Brad Pitt AUS BOX Olympics 2008
Nicole Pratt AUS TEN Olympics 2000—2004
Philippe Rizzo AUS GAR Olympics 2000—2004
Dan Ronan AUS VVO Olympics 2000
Emily Rosemond AUS STK Olympics 2006
Elliot Shriane AUS STK Olympics 2006
Grant Sorensen AUS VVO Olympics 2004
Michelle Steele AUS SKN Olympics 2006—2014
Rennae Stubbs AUS TEN Olympics 1996—2008
Gabriel Szerda AUS WRE Olympics 2000
Jane Waller AUS ARC Olympics 2008
Ethan Warren AUS DIV Olympics 2012
Rachel White AUS VVO Olympics 2000
Lincoln Williams AUS VVO Olympics 2012