SC Hellas Magdeburg, Magdeburg (GER)

Affiliation ID 1838
Full name Schwimmsport-Club Hellas Magdeburg
Short name SC Hellas Magdeburg
Place Magdeburg (GER)

Founded 1904. Was not allowed to compete in the Soviet occupation zone and was located in Braunschweig (FRG) from 1945 to 1991.

Athletes (8)

Max Amann GER WPO 1928
Emil Benecke GER WPO 1928—1932
Arno Bieberstein GER SWM 1908
Kurt Bretting GER SWM 1912
Otto Cordes GER WPO 1928—1932
Erich Rademacher GER SWM/WPO 1928—1932
Joachim Rademacher GER WPO 1928—1932
Max Ritter GER FINA/SWM 1908—1964