A1 IF, Linköping (SWE)

Affiliation ID 4424
Full name Artilleri 1 Idrottsförening
Short name A1 IF
Place Linköping (SWE)

Sports club of the 1st Artillery regiment of the Swedish army. Moved from Stockholm to Linköping in 1963.

Athletes (17)

Ingvar Berg SWE MPN Olympics 1928
Gustaf Dyrssen SWE FEN/MPN Olympics/Administrator 1920—1981
Wille Grut SWE MPN/WPE Olympics/Non-Medal/Other 1948—1960
Erik de Laval SWE FEN/MPN Olympics/Non-starter 1912—1920
Georg de Laval SWE MPN/SHO Olympics 1912
Patrik de Laval SWE FEN/MPN/SHO Olympics/Non-starter 1912
Charles Lewenhaupt SWE EJP Olympics 1912
Gösta Lilliehöök SWE MPN Olympics 1912
Bo Lindman SWE FEN/MPN Olympics/Other 1924—1936
Jeanette Malm SWE MPN Olympics 2000
Håkan Norebrink SWE MPN Olympics 1992
Henri Saint Cyr SWE EDR/EVE Olympics 1936—1960
Sidney Stranne SWE FEN/MPN Olympics/Non-starter 1912—1928
Sigurd Svensson SWE EVE Olympics 1948
Sven Thofelt SWE FEN/MPN Olympics/Administrator 1928—1993
Sune Wehlin SWE MPN Olympics 1948
Gustaf Wersäll SWE MPN Olympics 1912