SG Neukölln, Berlin (GER)

Affiliation ID 5585
Full name Schwimm-Gemeinschaft Neukölln Berlin
Short name SG Neukölln
Place Berlin (GER)
Sports SWM

Founded as merger of Schwimm-Union Neukölln 1898, Freie Schwimmer Neukölln, and Schwimm Club Neukölln in 1997. From 1969 to 1996 these three clubs competed as swimming community “Startgemeinschaft Neukölln” (Berliner Wasserratten also was a member of the community from 1969 to 1986).

Athletes (9)

Franziska van Almsick GER SWM Olympics 1992—2004
Dorothea Brandt GER SWM Olympics 2004—2016
Lisa Graf GER SWM Olympics 2016
Leonie Kullmann GER SWM Olympics 2016—2020
Rafed El-Masri GER
SWM Olympics 2004—2008
Cathleen Rund GER SWM Olympics 1996—2000
Torsten Spanneberg GER SWM Olympics 2000—2004
Benjamin Starke GER SWM Olympics 2008—2012
Tim Wallburger GER SWM Olympics 2012