Horace Mansergh

Biographical information

Full nameHorace Henry Nicholas•Mansergh
Used nameHorace•Mansergh
Born29 December 1891 in Paddington, Greater London, England (GBR)
Died17 December 1980 in Twickenham, Greater London, England (GBR)
NOC Great Britain


A member of the London Polytechnic Boxing Club, Horace Mansergh reached the 1914 ABA middleweight final only to lose to Hugh Brown of Belsize BC. It was the last Championship before World War I, and when they resumed in 1919, both Mansergh and Brown had stepped up to heavyweight and Brown knocked out the Polytechnic man in the third round of their semi-final bout.

A master bricklayer by trade, Mansergh later turned to officiating as an ABA judge and referee and, in addition to refereeing at the 1936 Olympics, he was also one of the officials at the 1939 European Boxing Championships in Dublin. Mansergh was also secretary of the Polytechnic BC for more than 25 years, until resigning his post in 1957.


Games Sport (Discipline) / Event NOC / Team Phase Unit Role As
1936 Summer Olympics Boxing GBR Horace Mansergh
Flyweight, Men (Olympic) Match #1 Willi Kaiser — Fidel Tricánico Judge #2
Flyweight, Men (Olympic) Match #6 Edmund Sobkowiak — Walter Siegfried Judge #1
Bantamweight, Men (Olympic) Match #4 Jackie Wilson — Oscar de Larrazábal Referee
Bantamweight, Men (Olympic) Match #1 Shunpei Hashioka — Karl Kummer Judge #2
Featherweight, Men (Olympic) Match #3 Óscar Casanovas — Åke Karlsson Judge #3
Featherweight, Men (Olympic) Match #6 Josef Miner — Karel Lescrauwaet Judge #1
Lightweight, Men (Olympic) Match #1 Imre Harangi — Poul Kops Referee
Lightweight, Men (Olympic) Match #2 Nikolai Stepulov — Erik Ågren Referee
Lightweight, Men (Olympic) Match #3 Erik Ågren — Andy Scrivani Referee
Lightweight, Men (Olympic) Match #4 Nikolai Stepulov — Carlos Lillo Judge #3
Lightweight, Men (Olympic) Match #1 Lidoro Oliver — Norm Fisher Judge #3
Lightweight, Men (Olympic) Match #8 Carlos Lillo — Kosta Hakim Judge #3
Lightweight, Men (Olympic) Match #7 Nikolai Stepulov — André Wollscheidt Judge #3
Lightweight, Men (Olympic) Match #8 José Padilla — Karl Schmedes Judge #3
Lightweight, Men (Olympic) Match #15 Erik Ågren — Lorenzo Delgado Referee
Welterweight, Men (Olympic) Match 1/2 Sten Suvio — Michael Murach Judge #1
Welterweight, Men (Olympic) Match 3/4 Gerhard Pedersen — Roger Tritz Judge #1
Welterweight, Men (Olympic) Match #2 Hens Dekkers — Gaspard Deridder Referee
Welterweight, Men (Olympic) Match #11 Sten Suvio — Kyu-Hwan Lee Judge #1
Welterweight, Men (Olympic) Match #15 Rudolf Andreassen — Emilio Ballado Judge #3
Middleweight, Men (Olympic) Match #4 Jean Despeaux — Juan Bregliano Judge #2
Middleweight, Men (Olympic) Match #5 Jimmy Clark — Bruno Ahlberg Referee
Light-Heavyweight, Men (Olympic) Match #13 Leslie Harley — Walter von Büren Judge #2