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Hermanni Pihlajamäki

Biographical information

Medals OG
Gold 1
Silver 0
Bronze 1
Total 2
TypeCompeted in Olympic Games
Full nameHerman Matinpoika "Hermanni"•Pihlajamäki
Used nameHermanni•Pihlajamäki
Born11 November 1903 in Nurmo, Seinäjoki (FIN)
Died4 June 1982 in Ähtäri (FIN)
AffiliationsVaasan Voima-Veikot, Vaasa (FIN)
NOC(s) Finland


Along with his more famous cousin Kustaa, Hermanni Pihlajamäki was one of the world’s best featherweight and lightweight wrestlers during 1930s. Pihlajamäki won the Olympic freestyle featherweight title in 1932 and freestyle lightweight bronze in 1936. He was also European freestyle featherweight champion in 1931, while taking freestyle lightweight and Greco-Roman featherweight silver at the 1935 European Championships. Domestically, Pihlajamäki won six Finnish titles: in 1927, 1930, 1936 and 1937 in freestyle lightweight, in 1932 in freestyle featherweight and in 1935 in Greco-Roman featherweight. By profession, Pihlajamäki was a policeman.


Games Discipline (Sport) Event Status Team Pos Details
1932 Summer Olympics Wrestling Featherweight, Freestyle, Men Olympic 1 Gold Representing Finland    
1936 Summer Olympics Wrestling Lightweight, Freestyle, Men Olympic 3 Bronze Representing Finland    

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