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Pierpont Davis

Biographical information

Medals OG
Gold 1
Silver 0
Bronze 0
Total 1
TypeCompeted in Olympic Games
Full nameFrancis Pierpont•Davis
Used namePierpont•Davis
Born27 December 1884 in Baltimore, Maryland (USA)
Died15 July 1953 in Los Angeles, California (USA)
AffiliationsCalifornia Yacht Club, Los Angeles (USA)
NOC(s) United States


At the age of 47, Pierpont Davis was the oldest member of Owen Churchill’s boat, the Angelita, in the 1932 8-metre class. Pierpont Davis was Churchill’s brother-in-law. Davis was also well known in the sport as an administrator and, in addition to competing, served as a member of the international jury at the 1932 Games. Davis had competed in the final Olympic tryouts of the 8-metre class, sailing his own Santa Maria, but finished 2nd in the competition to Churchill. In the Olympic event, Churchill graciously included his own six crew members and Davis’s six crew members, allowing everyone to sail at least one race and win a gold medal. Davis represented the California Yacht Club. He attended Baltimore City College and the Maryland Institute of Art and Design. Starting in 1910 he formed his own architectural firm, designing many famous buildings in the Los Angeles area, and also helped design the Pentagon.


Games Discipline (Sport) Event Status Team Pos Details
1932 Summer Olympics Sailing 8 metres, Open Olympic Angelita 1 Gold Representing United States    

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