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Marc Hodler

Biographical information

TypeIOC member, Referee
Full nameMarc•Hodler
Used nameMarc•Hodler
Born6 October 1918 in Bern (SUI)
Died18 October 2006 in Bern (SUI)
NOC(s) Switzerland


Marc Hodler studied law and later practiced as a lawyer in Switzerland. His primary role in sports administration was as President of the Fédération Internationale de Ski (FIS) from 1951-98, although he was involved with many sports organizations, and was President of the Swiss Bridge Federation and he was President of the World Bridge Federation Congress from 2001-06. Personally his sports were skiing, golf, and bridge. Hodler was an international bridge player, representing Switzerland in the 1957 European Open Teams championship, and he was a five-time Swiss champion.

Hodler became an IOC Member in 1963 and served until 2006, then becoming an Honorary Member. He was a member of the Executive Board in various capacities from 1985-2001. Hodler was in the Vice-Presidential line of succession from 1993-97, serving as 1st Vice-President in 1996-97. Hodler’s involvement in IOC Commissions was extensive, and included the following: Honorary Treasurer (1964-72), Commission of Enquiry for the Winter Games (1965-68), Chairman of the Coordination Commission for the 1992, 1998, and 2002 Olympic Winter Games, Finance Commission (1967-88), and then Chairman; Legislation Commission (1968-72), Juridical Commission (1974-87, 1993-1999), Commission for the Olympic Movement (1982-2006), Apartheid and Olympism Commission (1989-92), Vice-Chairman of the Commission for the Olympic Programme (1989-94), Council of the Olympic Order (1993-2006), and the Sport and Law Commission (1995-2006).

Hodler is also known for his remarks at an IOC Session in Lausanne in December 1998 in which he exposed the bid city controversies in which IOC votes were bought by various bid cities. These were considered bombshell relevations and precipitated the Olympic Bribery Scandal that led to many IOC reforms.

Organization roles

Role Organization Tenure Details
President Fédération internationale de ski 1951—1998 Representing Switzerland    
Member International Olympic Committee 1963—2006 Representing Switzerland    
President Association of International Olympic Winter Sports Federations 1982—2000 Representing Switzerland    
Executive Board Member International Olympic Committee 1985—1993 Representing Switzerland    
4th Vice-President International Olympic Committee 1993—1994 Representing Switzerland    
3rd Vice-President International Olympic Committee 1994—1995 Representing Switzerland    
2nd Vice-President International Olympic Committee 1995—1996 Representing Switzerland    
1st Vice-President International Olympic Committee 1996—1997 Representing Switzerland    
Executive Board Member International Olympic Committee 1998—2002 Representing Switzerland    
Honorary (posthumously) International Olympic Committee 2006—2006 Representing Switzerland    


Games Sport Event Status Phase Unit Role Details
1948 Winter Olympics Alpine Skiing (Skiing) Slalom, Men Olympic Run 1 Course Setter Representing Switzerland    
  Slalom, Men Olympic Run 2 Course Setter
  Combined, Women Olympic Slalom Run 1 Course Setter
  Combined, Women Olympic Slalom Run 2 Course Setter

Special Notes