Alexander, Prince von Solms Braunfels

Biographical information

Full nameAlexander Friedrich Karl Maria•von Solms Braunfels
Used nameAlexander, Prince•von Solms Braunfels
Born4 November 1855 in Poděbrady (CZE)
Died3 June 1926 in Nieder-Ingelheim, Ingelheim am Rhein, Rheinland-Pfalz (GER)
NOC Austria


Alexander, Prince von Solms Braunfels studied at the Agricultural University in Wien (Vienna) and then began a military career, serving as a Colonel in the Royal and Imperial Army during World War I. He also served as a Privy Councillor and Chamberlain to the Emperor. Prince von Solms Braunfels was a pioneer of ballooning, making his first flight in 1881, was a patron of a shooting organization in Baden (1900-13), and was part of a group that built a Sport Palace in Baden. He was President of the Austrian Automobile Club (1903-09), was a member of the Austrian Jockey Club from 1878, becoming Vice-President in 1910, and later President. In 1899 he was on a committee that secured Austrian participation at the 1900 Olympics, and was then co-opted onto the IOC in June 1905. He never attended an IOC Session during his tenure and was known as a troublemaker, frequently writing Pierre de Coubertin about Bohemia, and how they should not have an IOC Member as they were only a part of Austro-Hungary. He threatened resignation from the IOC if his demands to oust Bohemian member Jiří Guth-Jarkovský were not met, and he finally resigned in May 1909.

Organization roles

Role Organization Tenure NOC As
Member International Olympic Committee 1905—1909 AUT Alexander, Prince von Solms Braunfels

Special Notes