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Mohamed Zerguini

Biographical information

TypeIOC member
Full nameMohamed•Zerguini
Used nameMohamed•Zerguini
Original nameمحمد•زرقيني
Born23 April 1922 in Constantine (ALG)
Died21 June 2001 in Al-Jaza'ir (Algiers) (ALG)
NOC Algeria


Mohamed Zerguini studied in France, and then was commissioned into the French Army, eventually becoming the most senior officer in the Algerian Army. He also served as a Government Minister and Ambassador. Zerguini, who was active in sport administration during much of his career, was President of the Algerian Olympic Committee from 1968-84 and played significant roles in the organization of the 1975 Mediterranean Games and the 1978 African Games, both held in Algiers. He was also Vice-President of the Algerian Football Association. Zerguini was made an IOC Member in October 1974 and served until his death in June 2001. During the Olympic Bribery Scandal of 1999, Zerguini was investigated for allegations of inappropriate behavior but was given only a warning. He served on the following commissions for the IOC: International Olympic Academy and Olympic Education (1982-2001) and Study and Evaluation Commission for the Preparation of the Olympic Games (1984-86).

Organization roles

Role Organization Tenure NOC As
President Comité Olympique et Sportif Algérien 1968—1983 ALG Mohamed Zerguini
Member International Olympic Committee 1974—2001 ALG Mohamed Zerguini