Olympians Who Were on the Titanic (2)

Athlete Nation(s) Sport(s) Role(s) Era Notes
Cosmo Duff-Gordon GBR FEN 1906 1906 Cosmo Duff-Gordon survived the sinking of the Titanic, along with his wife and her secretary. Cosmo Duff-Gordon was one of many men in First Class who were allowed into lifeboats, while many women and children, mostly from Third Class, never reached the upper deck where the lifeboats were stowed. It was also rumored that the Duff-Gordons bribed the crew in their lifeboat to not rescue people in the water, but a later investigation by the British Board of Trade's Inquiry cleared them of wrongdoing.
Dick Williams USA TEN Olympics 1924 Dick Williams was travelling in first class aboard the Titanic with his father, Charles Duane Williams, when it struck the iceberg. His father perished in the disaster. Shortly after the collision, Dick Williams freed a trapped passenger from a cabin by breaking down a door, and Williams remained on the Titanic almost until the very end, when he was washed overboard by a wave that also took several others. He made his way to Collapsible A Lifeboat and held on to its side for awhile before getting in. The survivors in Collapsible A were then transferred to Lifeboat 14, but even after entering Lifeboat 14 Williams spent several hours waist-deep in freezing water, which left his legs frostbitten and so severely injured that the Carpathia's doctor recommended amputation. Williams, who did not want his tennis career to be cut short, refused.