British Olympic Association

NameBritish Olympic Association
Recognized by the IOC1905
CountriesGreat Britain


Tenure Name Country Notes
1923—1936 Duke of Sutherland GBR
1936—1949 Wyndham Portal GBR
1949—1966 Duke of Beaufort GBR
1966—1977 David, Lord Burghley GBR
1977—1982 Lord Rupert Nevill GBR
1983— HRH Princess Anne GBR


Role Tenure Name Country Nr. Notes
Chairman 1905—1913 William, Lord Desborough GBR
Chairman 1913—1919 Algernon, Duke of Somerset GBR
Chairman 1919—1920 Lord Downham GBR
Chairman 1920—1922 Robert de Courcy Laffan GBR
Chairman 1922—1927 Gerald, Earl Cadogan GBR
Chairman 1927—1931 George, Lord Rochdale GBR
Chairman 1931—1935 Harold Bowden GBR
Chairman 1935—1936 Wyndham Portal GBR
Chairman 1936—1966 David, Lord Burghley GBR
Chairman 1966—1977 Lord Rupert Nevill GBR
Chairman 1977—1983 Denis Follows GBR
Chairman 1983—1988 Charles Palmer GBR
Chairman 1988—1992 Arthur Gold GBR
Chairman 1992—2005 Craig Reedie GBR
Chairman 2005—2012 Colin, Lord Moynihan GBR
Chairman 2012—2016 Seb Coe GBR
Chairman 2016— Hugh Robertson GBR