Ordino, Andorra

Place names (2)

Ordino, Ordino (AND)
Sornàs, Ordino (AND)

People born here (3)

Isidre Baró AND Administrator 1975—1997 15 May 1933 Sornàs, Ordino (AND)
Santi López AND ALP Olympics 1994 24 March 1975 Ordino, Ordino (AND)
Nil Peña AND BK3 YOG 2018 2 March 2000 Ordino, Ordino (AND)

People who died here (1)

Neil Kennedy-Cochran-Patrick GBR SAL Olympics 1952—1956 14 October 1994 Ordino, Ordino (AND)


Esqui Club d'Ordino-Arcalis, Ordino (AND) Ordino, Ordino (AND)