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Heavyweight, Freestyle (>87 kilograms), Men

Date1 – 3 August 1932
LocationGrand Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California
Participants3 from 3 countries
FormatScoring by negative points, with negative points given for any result short of a fall. Accumulation of 5 negative points eliminated the wrestler.

There were only three competitors so everybody won a medal. They were led by the defending champion, Swede Johan Richthoff , who had won three European titles since the Amsterdam Olympics, and was an overwhelming favorite. In the first two rounds he defeated American Jack Riley and Austria’s Nikolaus Hirschl to defend his gold medal. Riley pinned Hirschl in the final round for the silver medal. Riley had been a two-time NCAA champion and later played briefly in the NFL with the Boston Redskins. A few days after this event ended, Hirschl would add another bronze medal in Greco-Roman heavyweight.

PosCompetitor(s)NOCREBad Points
1Johan RichthoffSWEGold
2Jack RileyUSASilver
3Nikolaus HirschlAUTBronze

Round One (1 August 1932)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
1Nikolaus HirschlAUT0
2Johan RichthoffSWE1
3Jack RileyUSA3

Match #1 Johan RichthoffSWE
Jack RileyUSA
Match #2 Nikolaus HirschlAUT bye

Round Two (2 August 1932)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
1Johan RichthoffSWE2
=2Nikolaus HirschlAUT3
=2Jack RileyUSA3

Match #1 Johan RichthoffSWE
Nikolaus HirschlAUT
Match #2 Jack RileyUSA bye

Final Round (3 August 1932)

Match 2/3 Jack RileyUSA
fall (8:32)
Nikolaus HirschlAUT